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KIT Coffee Premium Honma Tokio 1L


An innovative system for cosmetic hair treatment, rich in proteins and amino acids.


It is a set of nutrients and minerals that acts at the level of the cortex, providing capillary rejuvenation


Provides a thermo-protective layer on the strand, it is also an antioxidant by nature and provides softness and shine to the hair


Align the hair strand reducing volume. They fulfill the antistatic and conditioning function, thanks to the positive charges that adhere to the hair

The Coffee Premium Anti Residue Shampoo has an exclusive and multifunctional formula, made with revitalizing active ingredients that deeply clean, strengthen and treat the strands, preparing them for the application of the Intense Restorer and at the same time leaving them soft and shiny.

The Intense Restorer is an alignment system with a smooth effect, rich in proteins and amino acids. In its formula it has a perfect combination of glycolic coffee extract, Luna Matrix and cationic polymers that act intensely on the strands reducing porosity, creating a flexible protective film, providing body and balance, and a more uniform and aligned surface, in addition to hair. hydrated, soft and with intense shine.


Premium Coffe Intensive Reconstruction Mask is an innovative system for cosmetic hair treatment, rich in proteins and amino acids. It has in its formula a perfect combination of Glycolic Coffee extract and cationic marine bioactives associated with wheat protein, reducing the porosity of the hair, providing body.




Honma Tokyo

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