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Coffee Green Honma Tokyo 1L New Packaging


Alisado Coffee Green Protein Complex, changes its image and presents its product in recyclable packaging. The new Coffee Green uses nanotechnology, progressively rebuilds hair, removes frizz, hydrates and straightens naturally, keeping hair straight. In one single step.


Smoothing Coffee Green Protein Complex one step from Honma Tokyo and organic. It does not contain formaldehyde, carbocysteine ​​or glyoxylic acid.

A hair reconstruction system that, in addition to rebuilding, recovers the hair from the inside out. Formula enriched with Green Coffee, Mint extract and carefully selected proteins to synergize with the hair’s cysteine ​​and provide strong and flexible hair. It has the exclusive action of vaniloplasty that promotes shine and softness of the hair as well as having an anti-aging action, which prevents premature aging of the hair.


It can be used with all types of hair (dyed, highlights, henna, permanent, porous, fine, blonde, Afro, etc.). In any case, to be straightened the hair must be healthy and in perfect condition. If the hair is very damaged, weak or with breakage, it is better to do a keratin treatment to strengthen it before straightening.


1- Shake the product well before use.

2- Allergy test: (we put a little bit on the arm and check that it does not turn red)

3- This treatment does not need to wash the hair, we recommend washing the hair once with a shampoo to open the cuticle, alkaline. In afro and natural hair, it is mandatory to use this type of alkaline shampoo and wash the hair twice.

4- Dry the humidity with a towel and then use a professional dryer to leave the hair 90% dry.

5- Divide the hair into 4 equal parts, tying it with plastic clips.

6- Put a measure of straightening in a plastic bowl, (add as needed) and begin to apply the product half a centimeter from the root to the tips, strand by strand with the help of the trowel. Distribute avoiding excess product, use a fine comb to remove excess product.

7- Leave to act for 60 minutes (if the hair were natural or afro we would leave more time, 90 minutes). For Afro cases, talk to the technician beforehand, for advice and recommendations.

8- Rinse the hair only with water, do not remove the product completely. When the foam stops coming out, it can stop lightening.

9- Proceed to drying with a professional hairdryer, until the hair is 100% dry, it is advisable to blow dry with a thick brush (to promote smoothness).

10- Pass the iron through fine strands at a temperature of 230º (it depends on the type of hair) and pass about 15 times per strand in a row, from root to tip. In dyed and highlighted or very damaged hair, lower the temperature to 190º or 210º, and the whores, if they are very damaged, go through the iron half as often as the roots and the media. A very important advice, in the complete straightening, the correct ironing is very important with patience following the curve of the head and picking up fine strands.

11- Once the entire head is ironed, we will check the correct straightening process, to do this, wet the hair with water again, rinse off any product residues and apply a little mask and leave it to act for 10 minutes. Rinse and dry with a hairdryer only (the heat activates the straightening) and by hand, you do not need a brush, so we can verify the perfect smoothness, in case any strand is not, correct by passing the iron 5 or 6 times.

12- Point 11 can be deleted, after finishing the ironing you can finish the job by putting a repairing serum or a mask without rinsing, in the middle and ends. With point eleven what we achieve is to verify that the work has been perfect.


Honma Tokyo

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