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Brasil Cacau Thermal Reconstruction 1L STEP 2


The Thermal Reconstructor Step 2 is the most demanded of the steps since it is necessary to distribute a greater amount of product throughout the scalp, this will allow to obtain a perfect straightening for a longer time.


The Step 2 oif Brasil Cacau Thermal Reconstruction is the most important step of all since this is that it will provide us with a perfect straightening, follow the instructions on how to apply it step by step and you will get shiny, smooth and disciplined hair.

Brazilian Thermal Reconstruction (Step 2): Divide hair into 4 parts for easy application. Apply the product throughout the hair, avoiding the scalp. Remove excess product with a comb. Let it act for 20 minutes. Dry hair completely. Let the iron heat up and iron each strand at least 7 times. The hair should be soft and straight. Let cool for 10 minutes.

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Brasil Cacau

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