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idiomas alisado

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Australian Mango Therapy Brazilicious 100 ml.


Australian Mango Therapy  Organic Brazilian protein straightening, with mango, coconut and sericin extract, in just one step! Developed in nature with essential active ingredients to maintain hair health and prevent damaged ends. Contains antioxidant properties.


Australian Mango Therapy

How to use:

  1. Apply the product on clean, dry hair. It is important to apply very little product. (If the hair is greasy or dirty, it can be washed with a shampoo before applying the product).
  2. Leave on for 45 minutes. (60 minutes for very curly hair).
  3. Rinse 50% of the product with water.
  4. Brush the hair well.
  5. Pass the iron about fifteen times wick to wick at 230 degrees. (If the hair is severely damaged, iron the iron at a maximum of 180 degrees).
  6. Hair can be washed the next day using the special shampoo from the range.



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