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J-Cortex Hair Reconstructor Salvatore Tanino Therapy


Hair Reconstructor, provides body, strength and resistance to your hair.

Replenish the amino acids and proteins of the hair. giving back consistency to the fiber of your hair.


J-Cortex Hair Reconstructor Salvatore Tanino Therapy

Reconstruction Mask has as its main asset the Luna Matrix, a compound that brings together several important amino acids present in Keratin, such as Cysteine, Alanine and Arginine and largyny that deeply restructure the hair cortex and recreate the lost capillary mass by filling cracks.


Wash the hair. Remove excess water.
Apply the product wick by wick, until the entire hair is covered.
Leave to act between 20 and 30 minutes.
Rinse with cold water, until all of the product is removed.
Dry and finish with a brush.



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