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1. General conditions of use.
2. Exclusion of liability clause.
3. Industrial and intellectual property rights.
4. General conditions for the rendering of services.
5. Special contracting conditions.
6. Subject matter.

General conditions of use.

a. The use of this web site is subject to the full acceptance by the user of these General Conditions of Use, or those in force at the time the user accesses it.

b. Access to this site and its use is only allowed for lawful purposes, adjusting at all times its use to these General Conditions, the law applicable at all times, as well as morality, decency and public order. The company reserves the right to withdraw access to this site, without prior notice to any user who violates the provisions of this legal notice, as well as to bring to the attention of the competent authorities the realization of activities that could constitute a crime.

c. The company reserves the unilateral right to modify at any time the present General Conditions of Use as well as any other general or particular conditions of its website. It also reserves the right to modify at any time the presentation, configuration and location of the Website, as well as the contents and the conditions required to use them.

d. The User acknowledges that access to this site is done under his free consent and is his sole responsibility.

e. Owner of the trademark "ALISADOPELO" and the website es (hereinafter, ALISADOPELO) reserves the right to bring to the attention of the competent authority any other use that may infringe its interests or rights or may constitute a crime.

f. ALISADOPELO reserves the right to terminate this web service at any time without any requirement other than giving 15 days notice in these terms and conditions.

2. Exclusion of liability clause.

a. ALISADOPELO cannot guarantee the permanent availability of the service offered by this site, nor can it be held responsible for any damages caused or likely to occur in the future, nor for technical defects, whatever their nature, arising from the use of the information contained on this site.

b. In the event that, due to a computer attack, errors occur in the information provided, ALISADOPELO is not responsible for such errors as well as for any damages caused by the use of the information derived from such errors.

c. The content of this website is merely informative, not being responsible at any time about the possible errors produced in its presentation. By errors, it will be understood the descriptions of products, as well as the prices that clearly indicate typographical errors, being the same ones of easy identification by users who adopt the due diligence applicable for the acquisition of goods and services. For more detailed information, as well as if you wish to clarify any of the conditions of use and / or purchase of the products offered on this website, you can contact through the email address info@

3. Industrial and intellectual property regime.

a. The industrial and intellectual property of any logos, emblems, or any element incorporated in the design of this site, as well as the different products offered therein, belong exclusively to ALISADOPELO or, where appropriate, to the brands with which it works or sells. The User acknowledges and accepts these rights. The elements of this website on which ALISADOPELO does not have intellectual or industrial property rights are used with the corresponding permission.

b. The reproduction of all or part of the content of this website, as well as its transmission or recorded by any information retrieval system, in any form or by any means, is prohibited, unless with the prior written permission of ALISADOPELO.

c. It is not allowed to circumvent the copyright on the rights of ALISADOPELO, as well as circumvent or attempt to circumvent the systems that have or may have content protection. The right of quotation is allowed as long as the source is indicated.

d. Any violation of intellectual or industrial property rights of this website or the elements of ALISADO PELO will be subject to appropriate legal measures to achieve the protection of these.


4. General conditions for the provision of services

Pre-contract information

a. These general conditions of contracting together with the particular conditions that may be established, expressly regulate the relations between ALISADOPELO and third parties (hereinafter "users") that contract the provision of services or products offered through the website

b. These General Conditions have been prepared in accordance with the provisions of the laws in force governing electronic commerce:

  • Law 34/2002 of July 11, 2002: Services of the information society and electronic commerce.
  • Law 3/2014 of March 27: Defense of consumers and users.
  • Law 7/1998: General Contracting Conditions.
  • Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13: Protection of Personal Data.

c. The use of ALISADOPELO services implies the acceptance by the user, without reservations of any kind, of each and every one of the General Conditions of Contract, the General Conditions of Use of the website as well as the Special Conditions governing acquisitions.

d. ALISADOPELO informs that the procedures to carry out the acquisition of goods and / or obtain the provision of the services offered, are those described in these General Conditions, the General Conditions of use of the website, as well as those other specific that eventually will be indicated on screen during navigation, so that the User declares and accept these procedures as necessary to access the products and services offered on

e. Once the User has accessed to proceed to the use of the different services, he/she must follow all the indications and instructions shown on the screen, filling in the Particular Conditions and other forms established for each service, which will imply the reading and acceptance of all the General Conditions established in the General Conditions of use of the Portal, in these General Contracting Conditions, as well as in the Particular Conditions that may be applicable.

f. Once an order has been placed, ALISADOPELO will send to the User, by e-mail, the proof of the contracting made, which will be attached to the invoice that will be attached with the delivery of the product ("delivery note").


5. Special contracting conditions

The services and products offered on this website shall be governed both by the provisions of these General Conditions and -especially- by the provisions of the Special Conditions established for each of the services.

All technical means and requirements needed to access and the services offered therein shall be the sole responsibility of the user, as well as any expenses or taxes to which the provision of such services and products may give rise.

a. Parts

  • VAT NUMBER: B54247747
  • Address: Avda. Maisonnave, 9 Esc- 2 / 2º C (Alicante).
  • Tel.:96 598 40 50
  • e-mail: info@

b. Buyer/User: Third parties contracting for the provision of services and products offered through


6. Object

The purpose of this sale and purchase is the acquisition by the user of one or more of the different products and services offered in, in the sections "Keratinas", "Hairdressing Accessories", "Organic Straightening". The description of the items, as well as their technical and aesthetic characteristics, measurements, colors and materials shall always appear next to the images representing the various items.


Some of the products are associated with a gift, as a gift has no warranty, in case of failure you can contact our sales department and they will try to help you as long as the product is in perfect condition with its original packaging can make the return, although the cost of shipping and receiving the product will be borne by the buyer, ALISADOPELO is not responsible for the warranty or shipping.

a. Price: The price indicated next to the image of the chosen product will always be understood as the price for each object. The price indicated is the price of sale to the public (P.V.P.), with VAT and taxes that replace it included. Shipping costs are expressly excluded, which will appear, necessarily, before the formalization of the order, so that the user can always know this before formalizing the purchase.

b. Deadlines: The delivery time for the Spanish territory (excluding the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla) is a maximum of 72 h. The user accepts that, in certain periods of the year, it is possible that the delivery time may be extended by a few days. In this case, as well as in all cases of force majeure, the user will not be able to claim for the delays registered.

c. Sales: In order to benefit from the discounts for certain products during certain periods of the year, sales periods shall be understood to be only and exclusively those that appear on the screen, with the inclusion of the date "from" "to".
In both cases, the first days of each period will be considered included in the discount period. If ALISADOPELO receives orders outside the periods indicated as special or "DISCOUNT", they will be attended according to the prices and special conditions foreseen in a general way for the purchased articles.

d. Applicable legislation

  • ALISADOPELO, informs that this website is hosted in Spain, country in which it offers its services, and therefore the only applicable law to resolve any conflict regarding the interpretation of these conditions, its scope, validity and execution, is the Spanish legislation, as well as the International Treaties signed by Spain.
  • By accepting these General Conditions, the user submits to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the city of Alicante, to resolve any dispute related to the previous paragraph.

e. The only form of contracting admitted

The user who wishes to purchase the products on the website must necessarily follow the following steps:
The user will choose the product model he/she wishes to purchase and in addition, in the cases of some items, he/she will have to use the drop-down to indicate the chosen characteristics.

Once the product has been chosen, the user will click on the icon marked "Add to cart". In this way, the description of the number of products added will be displayed on the top right hand side of the web page.

This procedure can be repeated as many times as you wish, with one or more products. Only when the "Buy" icon is clicked, the purchase will be formalized. At this point, the user must correctly complete the "E-mail address" and "Password" sections. All data must be accurate, and the user is responsible for correcting any errors or mistakes.

In cases where the user has not yet registered, you must complete the data present in the section indicated as a link in "register". The data collected in this section will be processed in accordance with current legislation on data protection (LOPD, n. 15/99), for the sole purpose of fulfilling customer orders and maintaining customer relations through future newsletters on promotional activities ALISADOPELO.

In any case, users may exercise their rights under the LOPD (access, rectification, opposition and cancellation) by sending a letter, enclosing a photocopy of their ID card, to the following address:

Ref. Data Protection - ALISADOPELO online store
Address: Avda. Maisonnave, 9 Esc- 2 /2ºC - 03003 Alicante (Spain).

Once registered, the user will receive the password associated with your email account. Both will be used only and exclusively to make purchases on Once the two sections ("E.mail" and "Password") have been correctly compiled, the user must click on the "Login" icon.

In this way, you will have access to the "User Zone" where you can, if you wish, modify your contact information, consult your orders, etc. At this point, the user will be able to choose between the payment methods "Credit Card", "Bank Transfer" or "PayPal". If the user chooses the "Credit Card" option, the following inscription will appear: "Payment by Credit Card".

Next, we will begin the online purchase process using a credit card. To do this, we will direct you to the Bankia virtual payment gateway, where you can make the payment with all the guarantees. Once the payment has been made, the gateway will return you to our store and the purchase will be effective. Please do not close your browser until this process is completely finished."

All technical, legal or navigation problems arising from access to the Caixabank payment gateway can not be imputed to ALISADOPELO. As soon as the financial institution informs ALISADOPELO that the payment has been made, ALISADOPELO will proceed to send the user the products purchased.

If the user chooses the "Bank Transfer" option, the following message will appear: "Thank you for trusting ALISADOPELO". Check your e-mail. We have sent you an e-mail as proof of the order that you will receive shortly.


To finalize the purchase, you must make a bank transfer with the following information, indicating your name, surname and order reference:
Bank: CaixaBank
ES02 2100 7702 3502 0001 1943

The user must pay the total amount of the order (product + shipping costs, which appear on the top right side of the screen) to the above mentioned account.

As soon as the financial institution informs ALISADOPELO that the payment has been made, ALISADOPELO will proceed to send the user the products purchased. At all times, the user will have available an e-mail address( and telephone number 96 598 40 50 to request any assistance in making purchases.

How to contact us
If you wish to clarify any aspect of the conditions of use described above, please contact us at the following addresses:


  • if you do it by e-mail or by ordinary mail to ANDRÉS CATALÁ ARAÑÓ, Ref. ALISADO PELO STORE, Address: Avda. Maisonnave, 9 Esc- 2 / 2ºC - 03003 Alicante (Spain).

Provider's identification data
VAT NUMBER: B54247747
Address: Avda. Maisonnave, 9 Esc- 2 / 2ºC - 03003 Alicante (Spain).
Tel.: 965 98 40 50

* All prices and offers shown in this online store are only valid for online purchases and may differ from those shown in our stores or in our own seasonal catalog.