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PHOTON: laser treatment to accelerate and enhance smoothing, coloring, moisturizing, reconstructions.


Photon hair, better known as photonic straightening, is a novel technique for straightening hair that does not use products that can damage hair fibers, such as formaldehyde, for example.

With photonic straightening, you can also achieve hair with strength and natural shine. Unlike other chemical straightening methods that end up damaging the hair fibers afterwards, photonic straightening uses keratin-based substances, which gives it the ability to repair the hair and fill in the driest areas.

The best part? You can use this type of straightening on any type of hair, even if you have colored, highlighted or permed hair.

photon lizze applications

Photonic straightening is not toxic to the hair as it does not contain formaldehyde in its composition, nor does it use other types of chemicals that dry out the hair and make it brittle or weak in appearance.

To do a photonic straightening, you must use a laser light (blue) that accelerates hair straightening in a safe, novel and fast way, much more convenient than other known hair straightening methods.

As a laser-mediated system, there is no heat or radiation emission during a photonic straightening, so the hair is not damaged in any way during the treatment.

Photonic smoothing: how to perform it

It is recommended, first of all, that you do this type of treatment with a specialist to achieve the result you expect . Learn how it is performed:

  1. Wash your hair thoroughly with a shampoo that dilates your hair cuticle.
  2. Apply a keratin-based product WITHOUT touching the root, to replenish the dry and damaged portions of your hair.
  3. Laser time! You should use the Photon Hair to straighten your hair with the LED laser system. The blue light emitted by the device will go through the hair fiber to the inside of the hair, eliminating frizz and repairing your hair through its negative ions.
  4. Once the treatment penetrates the hair fiber, the static in your hair is neutralized and the cuticle of the hair fiber closes, which will make your straightening last longer.

Photonic straightening restores the health of hair fibers from root to tip by up to 90%, making it one of the best methods for hair straightening and repair.

In addition, the Photon Hair treatment does not require you not to wet your hair for several days, so you can shower the same day of the treatment without any inconvenience.

To perform and receive this treatment, it is also recommended that participants wear protective eyewear during the application of the LED laser.

Likewise, you should wait approximately two weeks for other hair treatments after photonic straightening.

Duration of photonic smoothing

As with any hair treatment, photonic straightening will last depending on your hair type and the rate of hair growth.

Generally speaking, photonic straightening tends to last between 3 and 5 months, but again, within this range, much will depend on your hair and its properties.

As a warning, and like many aesthetic treatments, it is recommended that you do not undergo photonic straightening during pregnancy despite its cleansing properties, just as formaldehyde or other harmful chemicals are contraindicated.

Photon Extreme Lizze

Photon Extreme Lizze is a photonic straightening device equipped with state-of-the-art technology, with spectacular results proven down to the deepest hair fiber.

Thanks to its blue light waves that reach 450 nanometers, Photon Extreme Lizze comes into contact with the hair cuticle, which will give you much longer lasting results.

Treating your hair with Photon Lizze will ensure that your hair absorbs 100% of the proteins present in the products to nourish your hair.

Among the benefits of Photon Extreme Lizzeyou can find:

  • Stops and prevents hair loss.
  • Leaves your hair much straighter.
  • Acts faster in less time of use.
  • It softens the fibers of your hair, making the treatment more effective.
  • Helps your hair color last longer.
  • Restructure your hair so that you can have other hair treatments that can be aggressive.
  • It is much more durable
  • Repairs your hair and restores lost natural keratin.
  • Reduce your hair coloring time from only 15 to 20 minutes.


What are you waiting for to give your hair the best treatment on the market, taking care of its health with Photon Extreme Lizze?