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Curly method
admin on Jun, 17, 2021

If you want fabulous hair with long-lasting finishes and feel fabulous, you have surely heard of the Curly method .

Lorraine Massey has created a routine to curl your hair in a great way called the Curly Method , so that you are always hydrated and get the necessary nutrition.

For many women with curly hair there are many problems such as frizz and rapid dryness.

Therefore, curly girls look for a thousand options and substances that improve the conditions of their hair , which affects most of the time and presents greater difficulties.

However, through the method created by Lorraine, several steps are taken to achieve hair of excellent quality and condition.

With this effect you can learn the significant steps that will undoubtedly improve the conditions of your curly hair, making it look better and finding more volume and nutrition.

Below, you will be able to observe the most considerable steps in the Curly method , which will guarantee you successful learning in the care and hydration of your curly hair.

Curly method

What is the Curly method?

The Curly method is defined as a series of steps that improve the conditions of curly and frizzy hair, through actions described as an effective rule, achieving nutrition and avoiding hair dryness.

Many people have already begun to listen and follow the steps of the Curly method , finding its effectiveness in the process, therefore, it is a method that has managed to be pronounced and published in many magazines.

The Curly method is a direct action to the care and maintenance of the hair , so you will take the initiative from the beginning in following the steps that contribute to improving the contrast and quality of your scalp and hair .

The mechanisms or steps to be elaborated are very simple, therefore, the Curly method is characterized in the present, as a method of simple action that favors the care of curly or frizzy hair.

In fact, just knowing how to choose the products to use and maintain the line of actions to be taken for hair care, you will have the benefit of feeling much better and taking care of those curls decisively and firmly.

How to start the Curly girl method?

You must perform a simple co-wash, using a conditioner to ensure that the hair find the necessary hydration.

Then it is necessary to use the conditioner for general curling, which must be placed little by little in each curl to give it greater strength and not allow it to break easily.

It is recommended that the Curly method use a mask every two weeks , always observing how the curling behavior is, if there is no contradictory effect. If you have a problem, you can increase the days of use of the mask.

It is very important to use a protective nightgown that manages to maintain the hydration of the hair, long before starting with the conditioner for curling, in order to keep the curls hydrated.

Finally, the definition of curls or frizz is executed , which can be done in different and simple ways through gel or other actions that are easy to follow in the Curly method.

What products to use for the Curly method?

Substances are important to study before using them, as they can affect or achieve benefits for your frizzy hair, therefore, it is advisable to know which products are very strong for your curls and which are the most appropriate.

Shampoos must have very mild sulfates that allow hair care and continue to protect the scalp. In addition, performing the co-wash will guarantee softness and hydration in the hair.

The defining gel is important, since it is the last substance to be used on the hair, so it must have little pronounced substances, to avoid dandruff and dryness.

Conditioners are important, because with them you will provide hydration to the hair , to be able to define the curls and contribute with the appropriate contrast.

How to know if a product is suitable for the Curly girl method?

In the Curly method you can find suitable products to guarantee the stability and condition of your curly hair . You can also learn about the different benefits of these products.

In fact, by being trained in the care of your hair, you will learn about the substances that are not good and that abuse considerably, in addition to that they generate effects that are not a benefit for the health of your hair.




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