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The best and most unknown smoothing


Everyone thinks that hair straightening is for young girls and that it is fashionable and it is not so. The hair straightening is a generator of emotions in people who want to have straight hair, this increases their self-esteem.

Until now the most popular straightening products were the Brazilian keratin straightening products, the organic ones, but no one had worried about developing a straightening product for people who had problems straightening their hair, either because they had very fine hair because it broke or because it was very blond and burned when applying the straightening products.

Well, Honma Tokyo has solved that with a product called PlasticHair bixyplasty.

This product allows straightening for people with fine, brittle and colored hair. They have created two types of product depending on whether they are blondes or brunettes.


There are a multitude of straightening

Just as there are a multitude of products to straighten hair, there are different varieties of hair and hair condition. That is why it is necessary to make a good diagnosis and above all to know how to choose the best straightening product for your hair.

Not everyone wants a straightening table, there are people who prefer volume, there are people who give more importance to frizz and frizz. There are people who don't want the color to change, there are people who don't want to have their hair colored, there are people who don't want to have their hair colored and have it more toned down, especially in Spain.

That is why it is important to look for specialists who handle different types of straightening, for different types of hair.


Let's talk about this fantastic product

It is the only treatment that allows lowering the iron temperature, up to 180º if necessary, without losing the straightening power.

With this, two things are achieved: straightening for people with problems of breakage, color or hair thickness.

You can work both afro and wavy hair and the temperature can go between 230º and 180º for more delicate hair.

Bixyplasty is composed of two products: a shampoo that opens the cuticle and allows the product to penetrate, and the second most important step, the hair restructure, which not only smoothes the hair but also reduces frizz and frizz.

To whom you should apply it

For those people who wish to have a perfect straightening, but whose hair characteristics do not allow them to use aggressive products that may deteriorate their hair.

But it is not only for people who have problems, it is for all hair types because it will straighten wavy hair as afro, but I recommend it to those who are over 40 years old and want to keep their hair straight. Who have dye or do not want that straight plate.